December 24, 2012

INTERVIEW ▲: Compton Menace Exclusive Q&A with Dope Overdose


Compton Menace is known for his affiliation with The Game and Black Wall Street, beating up 40 Glocc, and his representation of the Bloods, but in this interview we get to know that and more. The homie came to New York on a promo run, and took some time to connect with us; woop woop!

Troy Paraiso: Welcome back to NYC, bruh. As I curate questions for this interview, I'm slappin' your new 'Menace 2 Society II' mixtape, and it knocks hard homie! In terms of songs, how do you go about beat selection, 'cause what I'm hearing is album quality on a mixtape?

Compton Menace: Basically, when I go into the studio, I usually don’t have an exact plan laid out. Lots of artists map out what they are going to do before hand, but I just go in, and let it flow naturally. I just go off of the vibe, and the feeling.

Troy Paraiso: The intro opens up with the late great Nate Dogg's "Nobody Does It Better" playing, and it felt so appropriate. Tell me about the moment that birth the idea, and what made you decide to move forward on it?

Compton Menace: The whole thing is, if you listen to my music, everything I do is original. I like to keep my stuff OG. It was just something to remind myself to keep it original, and to be a leader, and not a follower.

Troy Paraiso: I think it's dope that you fuck with the East Coast, features like Wiz, Cassidy, J-Hood, Mysonne, and Ace Hood all solidify that. What's the creativity flow like working with rappers from our region?

Compton Menace: It’s cool to just be around other creative and talented energies. So when I’m doing a song, regardless of it’s a nobody, or somebody with a big name, I just give the best of me.

Troy Paraiso: Changin' it up, lets talk about that West Coast Medicinal. What's your favorite strain right now in Cali? And when you're out in NY, what's on deck?

Compton Menace: Menace OG Kush, I got my own my strain. And when I’m out in NYC, I gotta get some of the Sour Diesel.

Troy Paraiso: Being from Fruit Town Piru, folks assume all you & the homies do is tear shit up all day, but tell me something positive that y'all do for the community, like you giving out turkeys in Jordan Downs projects?

Compton Menace: I’m always looking for ways to give back. For Thanksgiving, we gave away 150 complete Thanksgiving dinners to 150 families in Watts and Compton. For the upcoming holiday we are hosting a toy drive for the kids. Just staying active in my community. Also, I’m a big fan and collector of old school cars, so in support of my album, I’ll be giving away one of my classic Chevy Impalas to one lucky fan, just for purchasing my album.

Troy Paraiso: Giving a whip away to a fan, that's dope! I ain't with the media/journalism fuck shit brother, and I'm only asking so you can clear anything up for your fans if you need to. What's your current situation with Game and Black Wall Street, moving forward?

Compton Menace: Game and I are cool. Also, a lot of people think BWS is a record label, when it’s actually a movement. They are all cool, but I’m doing Menace right now.

Troy Paraiso: Preciate you takin' the time to holler at myself for Dope Overdose. You've been busy and buzzin' as of late, from shooting the new video with Wiz, to droppin' your new project, and hittin' the road on your promo runs. Lastly, what's on deck for your new mixtape as far as working the project, and what are your plans for 2013?

Compton Menace: We taking over in 2013! Be on the lookout for Compton Menace from here on out. I’m going to keep the mixtape series going. We got Menace 2 Society III dropping in the new year, and got lots of dope collaborations coming up with Birdman, Wiz, Trea the Truth. Lots to look forward to, so be ready!

Compton Menace - Woop

Download: Compton Menace - 'Menace 2 Society II'

Special Thanks: Shavana Meresha / Big Hassle Media