February 29, 2012

EVENT PHOTOS ▲: Mint Lyfe Launch Event x Sneaker Bistro Boutique Recap

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Photos shot by BrandTROY

Mint Lyfe's launch party event at Sneaker Bistro Boutique was great!

From the tees & kicks giveaways to free drinks to food, and the coolest Swag bags, everyone in attendance had a good time - thank you for supporting my friends at Mint Lyfe and Sneaker Bistro Boutique.

*Download + See More Photos Here

VIDEO ▲: Good Guap - "Chasin'"

Good Guap releases a new visual, shot by Silver Globe Productions. Mixtape coming soon.

"Every day somebody starts there race to the end! Remember it's not how u start but how u finish."

Download: Good Guap - Chasin'

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February 27, 2012

PHOTOS ▲: Shots From My BlackBerry (Dan Marino + Fat Joe + Drake + More)

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Photos: BrandTROY (Troy Paraiso)

A picture's worth a thousand words, here's a few...

Photo 1: Jeremy Scott x Adidas 'Gold Wings', which I paid $350 for.
Photo 2: Fat Joe in Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Jasper, 'Aloha' video shoot.
Photo 3: Dan Marino on field for Dolphin's Home Game at Sun Life Stadium.
Photo 4: Tony Hawk autographed a book bag for me at a charity event.
Photo 5: Joe from Sneaker Bistro's customized Scion (shop inspired).
Photo 6: I was one of the first people with Good Wood's 'Black Jesus' piece.
Photo 7: Drake & Timbaland in Miami at the "Say Something" video shoot.

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DOPE MODEL ▲: Erica Figueroa (Baddest Red Head + Nike "Space Jam" Dunk)

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Photos courtesy of Thomas A. Wilson

Lord have mercy , I'm in lust! I mean, can a Red Headed Bombshell get any sexier, especially in a pair of Nike Space Jam Dunks!? This photoshoot was curated by Thomas A. Wilson, but I don't believe any of these photos have been released, so I hope the photographer isn't too mad - I couldn't help it.

Oh, and the Model is Erica “Venetia” Figueroa from Bad Girls Club.

*Follow Erica Figueroa: @VenetiaBella

*Follow Thomas A. Wilson: @ThomasWilson2

VIDEO [NSFW] ▲: Karrine Steffans x Terry Richardson

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In what is a recent recap of that photoshoot, Karrine Steffans said:

"So, I mustered up the courage, downed a handful of feel-good prescription pills, chugged a pitcher of Red Bull and Vodka and stumbled into the studio - on high. I was a mess…"

*See More of her Recap: www.karrineandco.com

EVENT ▲: OHWOW Gallery x Terry Richardson Presents 'TERRYWOOD'

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OHWOW is presenting Terry Richardson's first solo exhibition in LA, titled TERRYWOOD, with over 25 of his latest photographs, open to the public 2/24 - 3/31, 2012. Inspired by Hollywood life, this exhibition unveils images of the famous, through Terry's eyes. If in LA, you should stop by - this will be dope!

Terry Richardson
February 24 - March 31, 2012
937 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069

*For More Info Visit: oh-wow.com

February 24, 2012

STREETWEAR ▲: Mint Lyfe Tee's Sneak Peek

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'Chef OGO' Mint Lyfe x Sneaker Bistro Boutique Tee

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'Resurrection' Tee

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'Retro OGO' Tee

Erick of Mint Lyfe just stopped by the office, and showed me 3 Tee's he'll be releasing at Sneaker Bistro tomorrow night for his brand relaunch. He also told me if any remain after the Event, he'll have them available on his Online Store Sunday at 12noon...oh, they're all super dope, and individually numbered too!

Mint Lyfe Launch Event
Sneaker Bistro Boutique
580 Route 112 Suite 17
Event Time: 9pm-12am

SHOP FEATURE ▲: Frank's Chop Shop (Lower East Side, NY)

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Photo by Troy Paraiso

SHOP ▲: Frank's Chop Shop
LOCATION ▲: 19 Essex St. New York, NY 10002
DOPE ▲: Barbershop, Chop Shop New Era's, Vans, Sexy Female Employees
WEBSITE ▲: www.frankschopshop.com

*Check out a recent interview I curated with Frank's Chop Shop

DOPEST ▲: iLTHY 'Smokers' Kit

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iLTHY recently released a Smokers Kit for all of us that partake in a not so cool habit, but like they said, some people will never understand.

Ashtray & Lighter ($15.00)
Purchase Here

EVENT ▲: Dyckman Bar x LaVie Clothing 'Sip & Shop'

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I'll more than likely attend this Event - S/o to Chris Hostos.

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EVENT ▲: The Kid Daytona x r.O.b + More 'Walk This Way'

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S/o to r.O.b & the AboveBeyondMG movement, they're moving!

*Follow r.O.b: @FuturisticR0

DOPEST ▲: Peralta Project Snapback Sample

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Photo Courtesy of Tony Peralta

Tony Peralta of the Peralta Project recently tweeted a photo of a new sample Snapback he is releasing soon, inspired by a freehand drawing he did. Dope!

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February 23, 2012

EVENT ▲: Mint Lyfe Launch Party

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Mint Lyfe is relaunching the brand with giveaways at SBB - S/o to Erick!

*Follow Mint Lyfe: @MINTLYFE

KICKS ▲: Dave White x Air Jordan 1 "Wings for the Future" Release Reminder

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Photos by Henry Francois

Since 2008 Liverpudlian artist Dave White has been collaborating with Brand Jordan for their Wings for the Future program that helps kids in sports, and in the creativity field as well. In 2011 Dave White & Brand Jordan created 23 pair of Air Jordan 1's that were auctioned off, and pairs were rumored to have sold for as high as $6,000 dollars.

For their new collaboration, Air Jordan 1 "Wings for the Future", Brand Jordan decided to staggered the release date, the first on February 11th, and the second on February 24th (this Friday). The sneaker features designs by Dave White, including a suede toe box, leather throughout the upper, and Jordan's "23" with the original AJ logo on the shoe as well. They also have released two tee's by Dave White (love his tee's) inspired by the collaboration for your sneakers.

Congratulations to Sneaker Bistro Boutique, this is their first Brand Jordan release, as they are now part of the family - not bad for your first release, boys!

Sneaker Bistro Boutique
580 Route 112 Suite 17
Patchogue, NY 11772

Release Date: February 24th, 2012 (Friday)

VIDEO ▲: DMX Interview w| The Breakfast Club

Charlamagne: "Rick Ross is dope lyrically, I'd say he's like Biggie."
DMX: *gives him a blank stare* "Rick Ross looks more like Biggie."

The legendary MC stops by The Breakfast Club, and speaks on saving Def Jam, posing as an FBI Agent, not being impressed by Rick Ross, releasing a new album, owing Child support, and more. DMX has been the subject of his trials & tribulations, but his mentality is still on point - just watch his response dynamic in the interview.

*Side Note: DMX is performing at SOB's tonight, but it's Sold Out.

February 22, 2012

NEW YORK CITY ▲: Brushstroke Restaurant

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Photo Courtesy of GQ

In a recent article, The Ten Best New Restaurants in America by Alan Richman, GQ presents Brushstroke in NYC as the #2 restaurant on their list.

"This is the most wonderful food you'll eat that's nothing like any food you've had before. It's an inspired modern interpretation of kaiseki, the Japanese style of dining that's an artistic sequence of dishes as well as the Asian answer to haute cuisine."

30 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
Mon-Sat: 5:30pm-12am
Tel: 212.791.3771

PHOTO ▲: BrandTROY x Will Castro x "Special Client" Photoshoot Sneak Peek

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Photo Courtesy of Will Castro

Rumor has it me & Will Castro have put our past behind us, and are moving forward in New York City, because it's for the taking - well, watch us take it!

Will called me to shoot a Will Castro Designs project he just completed for a special client, for a two-part photoshoot, part 1 in Long Island, part 2 in NYC, and the drop-off was in New Jersey (theirs your hint). I Wish I could tell you who it belongs to, and what the client does, but we'll talk about that soon.

*Follow Will Castro: @IAMWILLCASTRO

VIDEO ▲: Jason Markk x Vice 'Jet Set' Kit

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"The camera follows Vice as he checks in and gets settled at W Hotel - giving the viewer a rare, personal look into Vice's jet set lifestyle. Jason later meets up with Vice and chats about travel, sneakers, and their upcoming collaboration, before heading to the club."

*Purchase the Jason Markk x Vice 'Jet Set' Kit ($35.00) Here

VIDEO ▲: Fev - "Keep It Moving"

"Shit got me trippin', guess I be cruisin', you ain't get the picture, check your resolution."

I f*cks with Fev, and not 'cause we're linked through June, and my Riot family, but 'cause he supports DOPE OD's movement. I remember Def Jam Records Tweeted his last video to get peoples reaction to it...so, somebodies watching besides us - keep pushin', Fev!

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*Follow Fev: @UFOFEV

EVENT ▲: Schoolboy Q 'Nightmare On Lafayette Street'

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Don't think I'll be at this event, but the Homies will - S/o Dee.

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February 20, 2012

NEW YORK CITY ▲: New York Fashion Week Fall Recap

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For New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, I decided on behalf of DOPE OD to bring my contribution to our Culture. During the last week I released a video invite highlighting visuals at one of the best Boutiques on the East Coast, curated three Streetwear brand interviews, and a few posts featuring Photos/People from NYFW. See our entries below.

Video Invite: Mint Lyfe Launch Event at Sneaker Bistro Boutique
Interview: Michael Malbon of Frank's Chop Shop (Part 1)
Interview: Michael Malbon of Frank's Chop Shop (Part 2)
Interview: Riots and Roses "Revolution of Real"
Special Feature: Echoes of Vintage Vandalizm
Exclusive Photo: Mercedes-Benz Exterior Color Pumps
Interview: Dreamcloth "The Luxury Pushers"

Thank you to all who helped me curate DOPE OD's NYFW!


KICKS ▲: Fresh - Air Jordan 4 "For the Love of the Game" Voltage Cherry

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Photo by Henry Francois

Henry (air jordan 4 'military blue') from Sneaker Bistro Boutique shoots Fresh wearing the newly released Air Jordan Retro 4 "For The Love of the Game" in the Voltage Cherry colorway. That's love (with the heart on the back)!

*Previously: Fresh "Take a Breath, Take a Step"

STREETWEAR ▲: iLTHY 'New Shirts and Cap Restock'

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My boys over in Cleveland are always hard (pause) at work over at the iLTHY Workshop. They're releasing an all new limited edition line next week, but to get you guys by, they've released some new shirts and a restocked our caps.

*See More Items Here

STREETWEAR ▲: Supreme Spring/Summer 12 Preview

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I could have honestly posted the entire Supreme Spring/Summer 12 collection, because it's that good, and one of the best I've ever seen. Above are a few pieces that stuck out, including their Crocodile Script 5-Panel, Kate Tee, and 1000 Denier Cordura Backpack.

*See More Photos Here

EXCLUSIVE MUSIC ▲: Good Guap - Chasin'

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Daddy's House: BrandTROY, Testa, Good Guap - Photo by Nicole Smith

Recorded at Daddy's House Recording Studio on January 28th, Good Guap releases one of the first leaks from Through My I's (Ignorance & Intelligence) Mixtape, available late March.

Prod. by @CONTRACTORSNY (Fabolous, French Montana, Los)

*Follow Good Guap: @MRGOODGUAP

February 18, 2012

ACCESSORIES ▲: Black Scale 'B Logo' Socks

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I was down at the Black Scale NYC Store a few days ago, and we were talking about how people tend to forget about the Essentials. Well, Dave and Brian were right, and that's the reason why I purchased these Black Scale 'B Logo' Socks, with MCMLXXIX (1979) on the foot. I haven't seen them Online (since late last year), so the only place to buy these I'd assume is In-Store.

Made in Taiwan. 85% Cotton. 12% Spandex. 3% Rubber.

*Follow Black Scale NYC: @BLACKSCALENYC

EVENT ▲: The Best of Both Offices x Complex Media x Skullcandy Presents The "Website Re-Launch"

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My attendance to this Event is confirmed; I'll be there - S/o Manny.

*Follow The Best of Both Offices: @BESTOFBOTHOFFIC

EVENT ▲: The Source Magazine Issue #251 Release Party

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Though I've been confirmed, my attendance to this event is tentative - S/o Joe Millz.

*Follow The Source Magazine: @THESOURCE

VIDEO ▲: CIRCA '95 Feat. DJ Charlie Hustle - "Cookin' Up A Classic"

New visuals off CIRCA '95's recent release Free Lunch (which I got a physical copy of), for "Cookin' Up A Classic", produced by J57.

Shot by Reph & PattyDukes
Edited by Reph
Additional B-roll shot by Barrio Media

*Follow Circa '95: @CIRCA95

SALE ▲: MEMES NYC + Online Store Presidents Day Sale

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If you got some money to blow, head down to MEMES NYC or log on to their site, as they're having a Presidents Day Sale.

3 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012

February 16, 2012

VIDEO ▲: Fresh "Take a Breath, Take a Step"

"God love your soul, and your aching bones, take a breath, take a step, meet me down below."

Fresh never really spoke to me, but she always stared, and Keri would say, "Fresh! Don't stare at Troy...that's Troy, Uncles Joe's friend." ...last time I seen Fresh was in September, running around the house with her pretty eyes, and gorgeous little self. I miss those days, The Trincas are some of the most loving, inviting, and thoughtful people I've ever met. I'm thankful to have loved and felt love from them. Marialena has the rest of her life ahead of her, but still, pray for her, she needs our love and energy. Strength for The Trincas.

Fresh, take a breath, then take a step. ♥

Trinca Family Memorial Trust, P.O. Box 520, Ridge NY 11961

EXCLUSIVE Q&A ▲: DREAMCLOTH "The Luxury Pushers"

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Being from New York City one has to pay attention at all times, from fashion to media, entertainment and all things that make us the biggest city in the world. In this case, it's a new Streetwear brand out of Brooklyn, NY, that is pushing luxury in The New New York; allow me to introduce DREAMCLOTH.

BrandTROY: Peace, gentlemen! What is and who are DREAMCLOTH?
DREAMCLOTH: Salute, appreciate you reaching out to us. DREAMCLOTH is the name of our brand, and who we are can only be determine and recognized by our hard work, now and into the near future. You will know soon though!

BrandTROY: When was DREAMCLOTH created, and what is its purpose?
DREAMCLOTH: Our brand was created around 2007, and by that I mean our first piece was hand made. The idea to create a shirt, which soon became a fast growing up & coming Streetwear brand thought up by Creator and lead designer, Niro. He was always trendy and ahead in Streetwear and some high-end fashion, and wanted to start a line that was in the same space, but affordable.

BrandTROY: I've noticed the term "Luxury Pushers" printed on a DREAMCLOTH piece or two, explain what that means?
DREAMCLOTH: We are from the streets! Nah, but really we are, and it just so happens that we had taste for the finer things in life, and some of us were already on the grind; self explanatory (if you know what we mean). The same way we pushed in the streets on those late nights, we are now pushers in this fashion industry.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

BrandTROY: Your Tumblr is pretty cool, I visit it often, and the visuals are dope! How necessary is Social Media for a brand such as DREAMCLOTH?
DREAMCLOTH: Thank you. The Internet has been the number one source of info, financial gain, social and virtual pleasure for years. In order to reach our customers and the world, we must capitalize on every opportunity. The exposure we get from every social network, blog, and magazine will help determine our future as a brand - it's a tool!

BrandTROY: One of my favorite pieces is the "DREAMCLOTH" Croc Tee! What was the artistic inspiration behind it?
DREAMCLOTH: The Croc print is one of our favorites also, amongst other pieces from our past and present season. With the "Croc" Tee we just wanted to brand our name once again in such a loved and used print for a long time in the fashion world. It was inspired by a luxury item as well, the Hermes croc birkin bag, this is where visuals and style came together.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

BrandTROY: I actually wore a DREAMCLOTH Tee on Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm anxious to see what your next collection 'DCRE HOMME' is going to present, what can you tell me about it?
DREAMCLOTH: Haha, I hint you trying to do a collabo or DOPE OD venture maybe? Appreciate the support and anticipation, brother, let's chop it up. As per DCRE HOMME, it will be a F/W 2012 release, and with it we're far ahead of Streetwear with concepts and designs, and we'll set ourselves apart with character & lifestyle. "We don't compete, we create", so just be ready for some sh*t!

BrandTROY: Lastly, what are some endeavors that DREAMCLOTH has in sight for 2012?
DREAMCLOTH: We are working on a few overseas accounts, and a possible DCRE SHOP in the US. Also check out Niro's new track "Coldest Winter", and more Trill music on the way - we do a lot more than just fashion! And shoutout to BrandTROY & DOPE OD for the interview, it's appreciated.

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