June 29, 2012

PHOTO ▲: Kate Upton - Wet T-shirt Contest Champion

Kate Upton getting out of a pool.
(actually, it's a gif)

Kate Upton has the greatest f**king rack in all of media land, right now.

See The Many Talents of Kate Upton HERE!

STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd' LA - "California Dope" One Piece Bathing Suit


California Classic One Piece Bathing Suit ($92.00) in White by Stampd' LA. The Black will be Re-Stocking in about 2 Weeks. If you a Dope B*tch, then you're gon' to need this.

Made in Los Angeles.

Website: Stampd' LA

MUSIC ▲: G.Q. - "Diamonds"


"Driving down Lenox, my license suspended, 2 chains on a n*gga neck, ridin' 'round I'm gettin' it!"

Mobile Download: ShareBeast

This record is crazy, and needs to be boomin' out of every Coupe in NYC this Summer! Off his recently released Mixtape, Welcome To Fly Academy: The Freshman Year, which you can download HERE.

Follow: @GQ_FreshClub

STREETWEAR ▲: Carhartt WIP NYC Camo Pocket Tee


"Starting this summer an exclusive range of products will be released at the Carhartt WIP Store in New York City. The first drop is a limited edition Pocket T-Shirt available in white, navy, black, bordeaux and camo."

Available from today!

Carhartt Store New York
119 Crosby Street, Soho
10012 New York, USA
Phone: 212-219-2934

PRESS ▲: DopeOverdose.com - April + May 2012


*late pass*

April was hard, but in May we began getting back in to the Blog of things, but still Family came first; give a f**k what you think - it's how we feel.

DopeOverdose.com - April + May 2012

SALE ▲: Gourmet Footwear 4th of July Sale (up to 70% off)


Website: Gourmet Footwear

MUSIC ▲: Eric Sosa - "I Don't Like" (Freestyle)


"First off, 'fore I get this verse off, if this shit don't work out, I'ma have to get some work off!"

Mobile Download: ShareBeast

VIDEO ▲: The 2012 Vimeo Awards Recap

The second-ever Vimeo Awards were held on June 7, 2012 at NYU Skirball Center in New York City. The Grand Prize winner went to Everynone for the video "Symmetry".

Website: Vimeo Awards

June 20, 2012

PHOTO ▲: The “Pepsi-Cola” Sign in Queens

Photo by Troy Paraiso

"Designed by the Artkraft Strauss Sign Corporation, the sign once crowned Pepsi’s Hunters Point bottling plant, which closed in 1999 and was later demolished. In part because of strong interest from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the sign was re-erected nearby at what was always intended to be an interim location. It is still owned and maintained by PepsiCo, whose stewardship was praised in 2003 by Robert B. Tierney, the commission chairman." - Written by NYTimes.com

STREETWEAR ▲: Space Monkeys x Tilt - "Jasmin" Tee


Shot by Graffiti legend Tilt, and photographed was the lovely Vintage Vandalizm.

Purchase: Space Monkeys Online Store

EVENT ▲: Sneaker Con NYC - June 30th 2012


Event Date
12:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Event Location
Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave (@ E.24th St)
New York, NY 10010

Website: Sneaker Con

VIDEO ▲: BlackBerry - "Just Our Type" Commercial Feat. Christina Milian

...more like just my type.

June 14, 2012

NEW YORK CITY ▲: Super Bowl NY Giants Championship Ring

Photos courtesy of Will Castro


Damn, I still remember their parade in NYC, it was crazy.

KICKS ▲: Gourmet - Uno LX "Leopard" Release Date + Info


Releasing this Friday, June 15th at 12 noon (EST), Gourmet Footwear will be release their Uno LX Leopard, featuring imported Italian printed suede, on their web shop.

F**k, I need these!

Website: Gourmet Footwear's Site

EVENT ▲: Dream Cloth's Pop Art + Luxury Streetwear Retail Experience


... pay close attention - we showin'em what New York City about.

Millz, thanks for the VIP Invite! See you at 3p, b.

BRAND LOVE ▲: Frank Antonio Summer Special


I met and worked with Frank Antonio in 2010, when he was hired by Will Castro, as we needed his talents to shoot (photograph) a day with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. I got to know Frank, visited his studio, and found out he had been in the Industry for years, from Donz Wheels to Straight Stuntin Magazine, he puts in work.

Website: Frank Antonio's Site

June 8, 2012

PRESS ▲: Photos by Troy Paraiso Featured via ComplexMag.com


Congratulations to the Sneaker Bistro Boutique family for being recognized (featured) on Complex Magazine's 'The 50 Best Sneaker Stores of All Time'. The photo used to represent the shop in the feature was shot by myself with owner Joe Trinca. See more.

Complex Mag has featured my work on their site before, like when they used this photo back in October for a leadoff Halloween post, and more recently this photo last month.

S/o Robert Facey and Russ Bengtson.

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June 7, 2012

PHOTOS ▲: "They Shootin'! Awe, Made You Look."

Niro + Millz, both of Dream Cloth Clothing Brand
Fresco (Nike) + Dion (Heart Clothing Brand)
Ayeroamano (Roam Clothing Brand) + Felix (Kidz 'r EViL Media)

Photos by Troy Paraiso

Just a few shots of some of my gifted Homies at The Ultimate Trunk Show.

EVENT ▲: Dream Cloth + The Ultimate Trunk Show Recap

Photos by Troy Paraiso

The Ultimate Trunk Show presented by Chris Leeann Boutique is a growing Event, and the last two shows have been great! Last Saturday I attended the show, and caught up with my boys from Dream Cloth, and Millz had this to say...

Troy Paraiso: Why does Dream Cloth show at The Ultimate Trunk Show?
Millz (Dream Cloth): Great environment, great networking, and it gets better each show.

Troy Paraiso: What piece have people in attendance purchased the most?
Millz (Dream Cloth): I'd say our DCRE luxury socks, LE NOIR Cocaine tee, and our Rebel Chic tee.

Troy Paraiso: I saw an all camouflage Polo at your table, and it was dope! Tell me about the inspiration behind it?
Millz (Dream Cloth): To create a piece with a complete rebel luxury, high-end look. This is what our Summer Collection is based on, a "Rebel Luxury" style.

Troy Paraiso: We're both wearing SSUR's COMME des Fuckdown snapback today, they're exclusive - where did you get yours, and when is Dream Cloth going to release a snapback?
Millz (Dream Cloth): I got mine from Prohibit, NYC. We released our Summer Trucker hats today here the Trunk Show, which did really well and will be Online soon.

Troy Paraiso: Lastly, what's your favorite piece for the new Summer Collection?
Millz (Dream Cloth): I'll go with our "Still Trappin" tee, but we got something in the works that's really dope, and it might even be my favorite Dream Cloth piece ever.

Thanks to Dream Cloth for my Hoffmann jacket I wore in SoHo the next day!

Purchase: Dream Cloth Online Store

MUSIC ▲: Street Knowledge - "New Skool Knowledge" (Mixtape)

Artwork by Brandon Rice

Hip-Hop & Music in general travels so far, so fast, to the point where artist from other regions are easily accessible. Oakland, California is the home of a particular Artist, who goes by the name Street Knowledge, and this kid got bars! Not only that, I know him close enough to know that he's the product of Street Life w| Style, from his lyrics to his lifestyle. This is SK's first major Mixtape release, and it's presented by Artists Records own The Jacka, and hosted by 106 KMEL's DJ AMEN.

S/o to PK & The Golden Mean Management!

Listen + Download: Street Knowledge - New Skool Knowledge (Mixtape)

June 1, 2012

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Super Bowl XLVI NY GIANT Corey Webster's Ford F-350

Video by Troy Paraiso

I put this together quickly for some motion visual from the Photo shoot (see below).

Thanks for watching!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS ▲: Super Bowl XLVI NY GIANT Corey Webster's Ford F-350 (Photo Shoot)

Photos by Troy Paraiso

Fully customized by the King of Car Customizations to the Stars, Will Castro of Will Castro Designs. I shot and filmed the NY Giants player (name withheld for privacy) Ford F-350 a few months back, right before the Super Bowl. Me & Will's team shot on location on Long Island, and NYC, before delivering it to the player in New Jersey.

*Sidenote: I erased the players embossed name from the headrest to protect his identity.

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EVENT ▲: Meet the Business Event - Ouigi Theodore

Photo by Troy Paraiso

"Don't internalize hype"

"Dealing with personalities has been my biggest challenge."

"The day I can't recover (from failure) is the day I don't have a purpose."

Yesterday an associate of mine, Ouigi Theodore of The Brooklyn Circus was given the stage at NYC's Apple Store on 14th Street, to speak (quotes above by him) for their Meet the Business In-Stores with Julian Alexander. I've known Ouigi for 6 years now (us in Las Vegas in 2007), and he is on a humble journey, but still in stride of The BKc's "The 100 year Plan". It was great to hear him speak to a packed room filled of Souls who just want to make a difference in the World.

Visit: The Brooklyn Circus Online Shop & Blog

EVENT ▲: Dream Cloth + The Ultimate Trunk Show Info


My friends from Brooklyn, over at Dream Cloth will be showing their line at the The Ultimate Trunk Show tomorrow in SoHo; last time I attended this show, it was dope!

Website: The Ultimate Trunk Show