September 25, 2012

EVENT ▲: Bowling For Barack at Lucky Strike (NYC, DC, MIA, SF)

"Please join the Obama Victory Fund for Bowling for Barack: a debate-watch party with supporters like you in four cities - New York City, Washington, DC, Miami Beach and San Francisco at the respective Lucky Strike Bowl location in each city. The event is from 6:00 to 9:00 pm EST on the east coast and 6:00 to 9:00 pm PST in San Francisco."
Tickets can be purchased at the following links:

NYC Here
DC Here

Contribution levels:

$1,000 Event Sponsor | VIP Access
$100 Bowling Admission
$25 General Admission

S/o to Hawaii Mike (stop playing and holla at me already!)

EVENT ▲: Fundraiser with Will Castro Hosted by Corey Webster of the NY Giants (L.I.C., NY)


Will Castro says...
"Come out and support my Foundation and enjoy Monday Night Football, great food and drinks at Skinny's Cantina in Long Island City, with two time Super Bowl Champion New York Giant's Corey Webster and a few of his teammates, October 8th, 2012. Check the flyer for details! Many Sports memorabilia items will also be auctioned off to benefit the Foundation, and limited space this will fill up quick. VIP Tables are available."
For more info contact

Note: Check out Corey Webster's Ford F-350 photo shoot and video I shot in February.

KICKS ▲: Gourmet Footwear - Quadici LX (Camo Pack)


Fall's upon us, and these are fire, think not you a liar you. See info below.

- Camo/Papyrus
- Imported Italian leather
- Camo printed details
- Water resistant rubber toe
- Technical outsole
- Retail is $135.00
- Sizes 7 - 13

Shop: Gourmet

STREETWEAR ▲: SPKSMEN (spokesmen) - High Stakes Crewneck


A clean and simple crewneck is all I need. See info below.

- 10 oz. Cotton Crewneck Fleece
- Features printed mascot logo on left chest
- Embroidered CREAM patch on left sleeve
- "High Stakes" crest printed on right sleeve
- Black/Gold/White
- Made in U.S.A.
- Retail is $58.00


STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd' LA - All Black Pony Hair Studded Snapback


I'm seriously feeling this snapback, really though! See info below.

- 5 panel snapback
- 112 hand screwed matte black pyramid studs on the face
- High Quality grade black pony hair brim
- Dope Collection logo embroidered tonal next to snaps
- Comes packaged in a custom dust bag
- Retail is $155.00

Shop: Stampd' LA

EVENT ▲: Bagstheboss "Born Star" Listening Session (NY, NY)


I haven't got around to listening to Bags music, but I'm posting this because I met him, and simply put homeboy was cool, real cool. He just released a new video titled "Born Star" for his upcoming project, and below is some info for his listening session.
"On September 29th, 2012 Bagstheboss hosts a private, open bar, listening event at Ebony Lounge Studios for his Born Star project. Drinks will be provided by Pink Elephant Vodka. Since a guest list needs to be left with the front desk please send your name and how many guests will be with you to The session is from 8pm-10pm."
Follow @Bagstheboss

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Fred The Godson talks Writing Process, Childhood, "Gangsta Grillz" Mixtape [Part 1]

 Troy Paraiso curates an interview with Fred The Godson in New York City.
"I recently had the opportunity of meeting, and Interviewing Fred The Godson in New York City at the LaVie Clothing showroom. In part one, Fred talks about his Childhood, his Writing Process, and his new 'Gangsta Grillz' Edition Mixtape with DJ Drama: City of God."
S/o BlokWork, T.B.M, LaVie Clothing, Chris Hostos, Mz. Henny, and Erick Steinberg!

*This video was reloaded to YouTube, and is being reposted.

September 18, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Q&A ▲: Rosemary of Goliath (Part 2)

Goliath brand featured on boutique wall

Photos by Troy Paraiso

In Part 1 (post below this one) of my interview, Rosemary described her earliest memories of Streetwear, why her boutique Goliath was established in East Harlem, the development of her private label (brand), and more. In Part 2 we'll get more in to her professional background, her personal taste, and what teamwork means to business.

BrandTROY: Rose, I'm sure people have an idea of who you are, but some may not know your stride. Education wise, where did you go to college or trade school at? And how did it help you with your progression?
Rosemary: I am a graduate of L.I.U. (Long Island University). I have a B.S. In Finance. I worked in the corporate and nonprofit industries for over ten years. This experience has given me a great knowledge and understanding of how a business works and how to work with your staff. This is very crucial to working as a team.

There is no value big enough to place on the importance of having experience and a basic knowledge of the craft you may want to enter. If you intend to work in retail, then you should attain as much experience and exposure as you can. My years in retail in my early adult years before I got into the corporate business, was so instrumental in what I do today. It taught me how to interact and how to address the needs of different individuals. It teaches you that the consumer is always the focus and everything you do will be reflected in how their first experience in your store will be perceived.

BrandTROY: Great response! As for personal taste, what's some of your favorite brands on the market?
Rosemary: Some of my top picks but not by any means the only brands I like.

- Marshall Artists
- 10 Deep
- Goliath
- JC Rags
- American Rag

BrandTROY: With the fluctuating economy, what advice would you give to young men & women aspiring to open up a business?
Rosemary: Make sure you make a business plan for yourself and know how you plan to implement it. Figure out what you think financially you will need and then if it isn’t enough how will you supplement it. Starting a business is like planting a flower and helping it to grow. That means knowing what you need, when you’ll need it and what to do to get yourself aware of what you should be planning for the future. If you can manage to have these items covered then you have a chance of being successful. Remember success doesn’t just mean financially, but a lot more.

BrandTROY: You have a few guys that work with you who have been at Goliath for years, like Dee and Japa. Tell me how important Teamwork is in making the dream work?
Rosemary: Everyone knows, or at least should know, that you cannot do it alone. You need qualified and educated staff to help out and to be dedicated to helping you reach your goal. One of the hardest tasks of any business is finding good staff. Once you find them they are priceless. You need them to carry on the look and vibe of the store when you are not around, this way the customer always receives the same level of quality service every time they walk through your door.

BrandTROY: Thank you for your time and energy, it's appreciated. As the Summer comes to an end, what can the World expect from Goliath this Winter?
Rosemary: We are dedicated to continually bringing you the newest and the latest Streetwear.

Japa and Dee of Goliath

*Thank you to Rosemary, and her guys Japa and Dee at Goliath for helping bring this Q&A to life, it's been one of my best.

175 East 105th Street
New York, NY
(212) 360-7683

September 14, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Q&A ▲: Rosemary of Goliath (Part 1)

Goliath Pins and Lace Locks

Photos by Troy Paraiso

When thinking of Streetwear, I think of what I wear in the streets. When thinking of what to wear in the streets, I think of Goliath in East Harlem. A boutique that has served the community the dopest in sneakers, tees, hats and more for the past eight years. Many know it because of what I just mentioned, some know it because of it's cool staff/team, but who really knows Rosemary, the owner & founder? Part 1 of my interview, below!

BrandTROY: Peace. State your name, where you're from, and what comes to mind when you hear the word "Streetwear"?
Rosemary: My name is Rosemary, I’m from Brooklyn. Streetwear? When I hear this word I think Hip-Hop and rap. I remember seeing Krush Groove in the movie theater, and I was so excited. The first rap movie I believe I saw, or at least the first my mother let me go see. I remember the people wearing colorful graphic tees, cool sneakers (mostly Adidas and Puma), hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and jean jackets. That’s what I think of when you say Streetwear.

BrandTROY: That movie is classic! Goliath, located in East Harlem, is a specialty boutique? Tell me a little about it, and what motivated you to build this establish in the community?
Rosemary: Yes, it was the first Streetwear boutique in East Harlem, known for our selection in both footwear and apparel. East Harlem back eight years ago when we started, didn’t have what we considered "Streetwear" and didn’t provide service nor selection to the community. Therefore we thought this would be the perfect place to open up, where we knew and could relate to the clientele. When we came along they said we wouldn’t survive and here we are in our eighth year. You can’t let what people say scare or turn you away from reaching your goal. Our goal were both to introduce new brands coupled with real knowledge of the brand and provide good service.

BrandTROY: Goliath also has it's own brand, which I wear often. What's new in-store for the Fall/Winter '12 Season?
Rosemary: For Fall '12 we are starting to kick up a our designs. I think it’s time to grow the graphics as the consumer grows. We'll still have graphic tees, but we'll also have something for the guy who wants a graphic tee, but in a more mature fashion, that he can wear either day to day, in the evening to clubs with an Android Homme sneaker or something of the same style.

BrandTROY: I agree, it's time to mature the brand. Also, your brand is heavily supported by influencers in entertainment. Who are some of those people?
Rosemary: Well, we get quite a few stylist and celebrities that wear our product and show support. It is more important to be supported by the community you are in than any celebrity or influencer, but I am not saying it isn’t nice though.

BrandTROY: In terms of layout and design, Goliath's location appears to previously have been a bar. What inspired you to keep the decor?
Rosemary: I waited months to get this location. When I first spotted it, the building was in contact with the new owner so they weren’t looking for anyone to rent it yet. I just liked the neighborhood, the vibe, the proximity to all the boroughs and knew East Harlem was the future home of Goliath. Then when I saw the inside of the space I was like yes, this is it! A Bar represents a place to come relax and unwind, a type of therapy. Retail to most is a type of therapy, and this made it a good fit.

Table setup at Goliath

*Part 2 will be posted soon, check back for updates...

175 East 105th Street
New York, NY
(212) 360-7683

September 12, 2012

VIDEO ▲: C Plus x Lee Bannon - "Real Estate" + Behind The Scenes Q&A

Directed by Shoot Life

C Plus releases the second visual from his C Plus x Lee Bannon Young Champions EP, directed by Erick Lee, in Sacramento, CA. Download their free EP at

I also took some time to talk with C Plus about the video. See below.

BrandTROY: Wussup, Plus! You just released a new video from your Young
EP titled "Real Estate", where was it shot?

C Plus: We shot this new visual at a hydration plant that goes over the Sacramento river. It's some crazy s**t, really. We were joking that the government probably had a missile silos (missile launch facility) hidden under it. Haha!

BrandTROY: Lol. That's crazy! So you and Director Erick Lee have a long relationship when it comes to reel. How is it working with him?
C Plus: Yeah, Erick is my boy, and we grew up together. It's dope having someone that knows you that well working with you, 'cause they're always gonna keep it 100 with you, and hold no shorts. We got a lot of very cool stuff on deck for 2013.

BrandTROY: With this as the second visual off of Young Champions, and the first visual being "Does It Better", what's going to be the third?
C Plus: We're going to do one more video off YC, and it's going to be "MPN" (Most Paid Ni**a). I think it's the dopest video yet too. All the videos are shot in that same kind of psychedelic, trippy feel, but "MPN" is dope 'cause there's a little storyline hidden in it.

BrandTROY: Okay, dope! Storylines are always appreciated. Before I forget, the song "Real Estate" actually has a second verse on the EP, but only the first is in the video, why's that?
C Plus: We only shot one verse for it 'cause we actually shot the video on the fly. We probably would've knocked the second verse out, but security was closing the location down, and the sun was setting.

BrandTROY: Lastly, I know you're 'bout that Studio life, what are you cooking up to release after Young Champions leaves its mark?
C Plus: We're gonna drop a Chopped & Screwed version of YC then I'll start releasing videos and music off my sophomore album, LOCAL.

Follow: @PlusMoney

EVENT ▲: Skateboarding + BBQ Hosted by Common Ground x 5Boro x No Label (Canarsie, Brooklyn)


The Saturday after next, September 22nd, Common Ground, 5Boro, and No Label Watches are hosting a skateboarding event at the Canarsie Skatepark in Brooklyn.

Canarsie Skatepark
Seaview Ave. between Paerdegat Basin and E. 93rd Street
(E. 102nd Street and Fresh Creek Basin)
Brooklyn, NY 11236

EVENT ▲: Sabit Fashion Show 2012 - 2013 (Recap)


First thing first, Sabit is one of the dopest brands in the market of Streetwaer, period.

I attended the Sabit Fashion Show 2012 - 2013 at Club 28 in NYC, and just want to state a few things about this underdeveloped event to who's fault, I'm unsure. See below:

- Invite stated entry was at 7pm, but the line didn't start moving till 8pm.
- Invite stated show would begin at 8pm, but started at 9pm.
- Once admitted, the pre-show was confusing and people seemed unorganized.
- I was told drink tickets (1800) would be provided but never seen those.
- I read "Open Bar" on the invite, but instead the bar was just open.
- Seated provided for less than half of the attendee's, and therefore people couldn't see.
- Models weren't very good at walking down the "runway".
- Second set began with one person walking out, and nobody following for 15 minutes.
- Club 28's decor is a junk box, and is just old, dirty, and unattractive.

Take nothing away from Sabit, except that they should've hired a better Event planner (from the beginning) and development team for a night deserved to be their best.

*Shout out to Will Doughty (Sabit PR & Graphic Designer), he was putting in work.

PROMOTION ▲: BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Gold


I was browsing, and came across the "Limited edition Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900's given to South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners" title on a post. After I looked in to it, I found out BlackBerry UK was in the middle of having a contest for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Bold, and was giving one away to a lucky UK resident.

Anyway, needless to say it ended yesterday, and I'm jealous, not only because I couldn't enter the contest, but because Kim Kardashian got one too.

*No US release date as of yet, but I have reached out to BlackBerry.

September 4, 2012

VIDEO ▲: UFO Fev - "Mind, Body & Soul" & "How It's Gotta Be" + Behind The Scenes Q&A

Directed by PorterVision

This kid UFO Fev's todays are always better than his yesterdays!

With new visuals from Take Me To Your Leader (T.M.T.Y.L.) hosted by DJ Super Nova, Fev releases a visual for "Mind, Body & Soul" and "How It's Gotta Be", both favorites. Earlier I reached out to Fev, and got a behind the scenes Q&A on his new visual, below.

BrandTROY: Where was the shoot location of the new visual?
UFO Fev: We shot it in Queens, way passed the Eastside of Harlem, lol, and we also shot in Brooklyn by Harv's crib (one third of Enterprise Films)

BrandTROY: PorterVision directed the video, have you worked with him before?
UFO Fev: This is our second video, we also got another one off T.M.T.Y.L. coming soon, and he's doing some work on the Return (*editor's note: Fev's next project). Prior to this, I did a video for him with Red Inf for his project, Bar Exam.

BrandTROY: What did your lead really have in hand when she jacked the Camaro?
UFO Fev: Lol, she had a prop, but we used the censorship for the kids watching. Here at the High, we don't condone senseless gun violence, so the censorship was necessary.

BrandTROY: I see High Enterprise tee's, when are you releasing those?
UFO Fev: I always do a run for the High Set when Winter hits, so we definitely should be having some this Fall. I don't make too many though, just enough, but we got a buzz now, so who knows.

BrandTROY: This split visual (one video, two songs) is working for you, as your
previous visual was the same. What's the next video coming from UFO Fev?

UFO Fev: The next video will be a track off of T.M.T.Y.L. titled "We See You", and it features Gleamz & Shmoove, and shot by none other than Enterprise Films.

Follow: @UFOFev

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EVENT ▲: Stacy Igel "Boy Meets Girl" Fashion Show w| Performance by Wyclef Jean (New York, NY)


I'm also looking forward to this Fashion Show as well.


Thanks, Bollare Communications.

EVENT ▲: Sabit Fashion Show 2012 - 2013 (New York, NY)


I missed their previous show during NY Fashion Week, I'm hoping to make this one.


EVENT ▲: Sabit Night Fashion Show Kickoff Party (New York, NY)


VIDEO ▲: James Murphy x Canon “Project Imaginat10n”

"James Murphy has partnered with Canon for Project Imaginat10n, a creative exercise where he’ll pick 10 consumer photos to inspire a short film he directs under the mentorship of Ron Howard. Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, Biz Stone and Georgina Chapman are also part of this endeavor."
Photos can be submitted at Long Live Imaginat10n until September 24th.

Thanks, Courtney Engel of Alliance Agency.

KICKS ▲: Lil Wayne x Supra "Chimera" (detailed photos)


Supra Footwear broke the news back in June about their Lil Wayne signature line. Now although Dwayne is one of my least favorite people in the world (New York don't like you either!), I still like Supra's program. These are about as good as you're going to get Online as far as Chimera photos go.

From what I can see, the first of the sneakers is a black on black colorway, the second is a South Beach inspired colorway, and the third is a cardinal red colorway. Material wise, I see round multicolored shoelaces, leather (some tumble), suede (some nubuck), and a speckled midsole on these.

For more info: Supra Footwear

VIDEO ▲: Ben Eine - Uptown, New York City (captured by Ruben Henriquez)

Ruben Henriquez interviews UK Street Artist Ben EINE, as he makes his way Uptown for the first time.

Follow: @HelpRuben

PHOTO ▲: Rephstar & Patty Dukes of Circa '95 (shot by Troy Paraiso)

Photo by Troy Paraiso

Rephstar & Patty Dukes of Circa '95, Summer of 2012, the Bronx, NY.