October 26, 2012

DOPE STUFF ▲: Cool Material - "Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done" Notebook


Just a lil' notebook I picked up the other day from the good folks at Cool Material.

Purchase: Cool Material - "Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done" Notebook

BLOG ▲: "Locked out of my apt and using the last of my phone battery catching up on DopeOverdose.com."

Screenshot by Erienne*

I'm thankful for the support we receive, from East to the West Coasts, but when a San Francisco transplant is locked out her apartment in my city and is using her last phone battery to read Dope Overdose, I'm humbled.

PHOTOS ▲: Riots and Roses - "No hostages, No prisoners" Video Stills (Shot by Kidz 'r Evil)

Photos courtesy of Kidz 'R Evil*

Last night I received a call from the Riots and Roses General, Dee. He gave me access to a new visual he's releasing, shot by the talented Felix of Kidz 'R Evil / Mass Panik. What I won't say is too much, but what I will say is nobody is safe on these streets!

More footage to come...

Follow on Twitter: @RiotsandRoses
Follow on Twitter: @KidzrEvil

STREETWEAR ▲: Peralta Project - "Protect Your Neck" NYC Scarf (sneak peek)


You most certainly can count on Tony Peralta of The Peralta Project for many things, but one in particular is representing and defending New York City, and it's culture. The scarf in split photo above is a production sample he recently received, and I believe they are releasing soon.

For More Info: The Peralta Project Blog

STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd' LA - West Coast Beanie


My favorite brand coming from the left coast Stampd' LA, comes through with some classic soft goods for the changing of the seasons. See below for more info.

- Heavyweight ribbed Beanie
- West Coast Embroidery
- Dope Collection tag on the back
- Designed and produced in the U.S.A.
- $38.00

Purchase: Stampd' LA - West Coast Beanie

October 23, 2012

DOPE MODEL ▲: Sammy McDougal + Q&A Interview

Photo courtesy of iLTHY*

Standing sexy at 5' 7" from Cleveland, OH, with piercing blue eyes and a cassie-esque hairstyle, meet Sammy McDougal. New to this modeling scene, at 20 years old, she is already jumping right in it with some established Streetwear representatives.

We reached out to the young bombshell, and found out this, below...

Troy Paraiso: Well hello, hello! What's your name, where are you from, and tell me what makes you smile?
Sammy McDougal: Hola! My name is Sammy McDougal, and I am from Cleveland, OH. If you want to see me smile, just turn on the radio. Simple as that, son!

Troy Paraiso: I saw your recent shoot with iLTHY, as part of their Fall 2012 Lookbook. How was it working with Glen, Kumar and the team?
Sammy McDougal: Glen & the iLTHY team are so inspiring! I love hearing about all the stuff they've accomplished. They have some pretty awesome stories. When it came time for the shoot it was my first time meeting most of them. I had no clue what to expect at first, so I was like, "uhm...hi everyone..." All shy and what not. But 5 minutes in you can instantly feel that family vibe. They're real deal, and I wouldn't doubt anything they do.

Troy Paraiso: Yeah, Glen is family. You're new to the Modeling scene, but caught a few eyes already. What are your aspirations?
Sammy McDougal: Basically I would like to create a name for myself. When people know who you are, it's like you gain a sort of power. I want that power so that I can do great things with it. My friend Kumar (one who introduced me to iLTHY) jokes with me about that. He'll be like, "okay spiderman!" Plus I have my mom and sister behind my back. Whatever I do, I'm going to be successful.

Troy Paraiso: Power, eh? Interesting. I read online that you're a Hip-Hop dancer - tell me about that and how good its done your body?
Sammy McDougal: Ahhh dancing, the greatest thing in this whole wide world! Think about it, before people could even communicate properly they were dancing. It brings people together. I danced for many years, but took a break from actual classes in order to spend more time on my education. It's something that makes you feel good about yourself, both physically and mentally. Fingers are crossed to start back up again next summer!

Troy Paraiso: Where can we look forward to seeing you next?
Sammy McDougal: Wherever this road takes me, that's where I'll be next, because you can't plan everything. If that was the case, I probably wouldn't be doing this interview right now. Close your eyes and go for it! Maybe y'all see me in NYC sometime soon...

For more info, follow Sammy McDougal on Twitter: @SammyMcDougal

VIDEO ▲: iLTHY Fall 2012 Lookbook (NSFW)

Filmed by Glen Infante, Edited by Jose Infante*

iLTHY Fall 2012 Collection photoshoot. Products have been released in store at 5304 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 and online at the iLTHY Shop.

Models: Lexi, Sammy, and DJ E-V

See more photos and the entire Lookbook HERE.

VIDEO ▲: UFO Fev - "Chi's Day" Feat. Red Inf + Behind The Scenes Q&A

Video courtesy of PorterVision Media*

UFO Fev releases what may be the last visual for his most recent project, Take Me To Your Leader. Shot in brooklyn, and featuring his Mile High brethren Red Inf, the two go in over a 2Pac classic. As usual we talk to the East Harlem spokesman about the video, Q&A style below.

Troy Paraiso: "Got My Mind Made Up" is a song by 2Pac, and considered to be one of the best collaborative songs ever in Hip-Hop. What inspired you & Red Inf to record to it?
UFO Fev: I always enjoyed "Got My Mind Made Up." I thought everyone got off on the original track, and Inspectah Deck at the end doing the quick whatever it was, he did was always sick to me. With that, I decided to throw the beat on in the studio and lay some bars to it.

Troy Paraiso: The scenes shot in the video are dope, and appears to be a loft type studio. Where was the shoot location/s?
UFO Fev: The location was shot at my engineers studio in Brooklyn, and it's pretty popular, so if you know, you know, if not, then we're on the low. Lol.

Troy Paraiso: Titled "Chi's Day" for your cousin, explain why you decided to name it after him?
UFO Fev: Chi is my blood cousin, he's always been through whatever I've been through, since a cub we've seen the same stuff together. That night was his birthday, and we were hanging at the studio.

Troy Paraiso: You rapped "Pen game's a reverse windmill!" ...haha, what the f**k does that mean?
UFO Fev: Reverse Windmill, I remember when I first seen Vince Carter do it back in 2000, it was AMAZING, like some shit you've never thought of. So that's the punchline, "My pen game's a reverse windmill." Lol.

Troy Paraiso: You and the boy Red Inf both have new projects releasing soon. Can you speak on what those are?
UFO Fev: I'm gearing up for this new EP with all original music, entitled Return Flight due out November. Red is in the process of recording and writing his first project, so we'll be taking that out the oven soon as the time goes off. And for those interested, Propaganda is coming...

Follow Fev on Twitter: @UFOFev

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Fred The Godson talks Touring, Teamwork, Hip-Hop checklist [Part 3 + Freestyle]

Troy Paraiso curates an interview with Fred The Godson in New York City.
"In the final part of the Dope Overdose x Fred The Godson Interviews, Fred talks about touring in Miami and the Mid-west, Teamwork, his Hip-Hop checklist, and gives us a Freestyle to wrap things up."
S/o to BlokWork, T.B.M, LaVie Clothing, Chris Hostos, Mz. Henny, and Erick Steinberg!

*This video was reloaded to YouTube, and is being reposted.

NEW YORK CITY ▲: RIP BIG PUN - Bartenura Blue + Lamar Advertising Billboard Ripped (Updated Post)

Photo by Reph Star*

It wasn't too long after yours truly took a photo and wrote a post on a billboard in the Bronx which blocked a BIG PUN mural, that since has been ripped in half.

I'm a writer for myself and others, so when I post I'm only biggin' up my brothers!

Enough said.

October 9, 2012

PHOTOS ▲: Shots From My BlackBerry (Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe + More)

Photos by Troy Paraiso

Swear fool's can't f**k with my archives! I got some dope content laying around.

Photo 1: 1 of 1 (personal) Good Wood NYC Jesus Piece bracelet.
Photo 2: First time at The Hit Factory in Miami, to meet T-Pain.
Photo 3: Studio session with Fat Joe & producer Cool (Cool & Dre) in Miami.
Photo 4: Three rows back at the Blueprint 3 concert, with Jay-Z.
Photo 5: Three rows back at the Blueprint 3 concert, with Young Jeezy.
Photo 6: Backstage at BET's Spring Bling w| James Cruz (purple), Puff's manager.
Photo 7: Nicki Minaj learning to drive a Lamborghini with Will Castro.

*Didn't watermark these 'cause I ain't worried 'bout it, these old.

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STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd' LA - All Black Hard Hat


I've been supporting (yes, purchasing) goods from Stampd' LA for three, maybe even four years now, and I won't say they started this studded s**t, but they most certainly perfected it.

- 21 hand screwed matte black studs, on our classic 5 panels snap back
- Made in the USA
- $85

Purchase: Stampd' LA

STREETWEAR ▲: No Label Watches - OG Olive


My friends at No Label Watches have added new colorways to their Fall 2012 lineup, including this OG in olive. Niceee!

- Movement: Custom Digital movement with time/date/alarm/stopwatch/light
- Case and band: One-piece custom matte injected PU, Case is 51 mm in width, Straps are 23mm in width
- Water resistant: 3atm or 10 meters
- Price: 75$

Purchase: No Label Watches

PHOTO ▲: Loaded Lux - Mr. "You Gon Get This Work"


A month or so before his rap battle with Calicoe, I stopped and spoke with Loaded Lux on 125th street, in Harlem. We spoke about a few things, like his preparation, Calicoe's recent public issues (arrest), and choking. I swear I should've never said anything about choking, but I did and he just said everything would be in the most high's hands. Now I don't think he "Body bagged" Calicoe, but I will say that he won 2-1, and he did indeed display his showmanship.

Two months later, his career's taking off, and he's the hottest lyricist on the streets.

Follow @iamLoadedLux

October 8, 2012

ART ▲: Chapman Brothers for Supreme Skateboard Decks


The Chapman Brothers, English visual artists, are commonly known as a collaborative sibling duo. The Chapman Brothers are a part of the Young British Artists movement, and their work is known to be offensive, vulgar, and often controversial. Supreme will release a series of five limited edition skateboard decks designed by the brothers.

- Available in-store in NY, LA, London and online October 11th.

- Available in Japan on October 13th.

For More Info: Supreme

October 5, 2012

ATTN ▲: www.DopeOverdose.com Site Updates


We've recently updated the Press section as well as the original content Feature section (DJ Pauly D, Fred The Godson, Corey Webster, etc.) you see to the right of the Blog. We're now currently reloading videos to YouTube, so you'll see various updates with videos you may have seen before, if not, enjoy.

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VIDEO ▲: Circa '95 - "All We Need" + Behind The Scenes Q&A

Shot by Edwin G. Velasquez, Reph Star, and Patty Dukes*

My people Circa '95 just released a new visual for All We Need, produced by Audible Doctor. Also below you'll find a Behind The Scenes Q&A with one half of the group, my boy Reph Star.

Troy Paraiso: Peace Reph! In the new video All We Need, what protest is that shown during the very beginning?
Reph Star: The vintage footage at the beginning and end of the video are of the Young Lords in the 60's and 70's. They were servicing their community by taking over spaces and setting up programs for the people. We see our activity in a similar light. Through our music, art and events we are continuing the legacy of resistance that was passed on to us by groups like the Young Lords and the Black Panthers.

Troy Paraiso: Where was the video predominantly shot at?
Reph Star: We shot most of the video in the Bronx at the Circa '95 Pop-Up Shop which we opened for five months, this past summer. Running a lifestyle/retail/gallery space was a dope experience, and we wanted to reflect that in our music video. We're also working on a documentary about our experiences at the shop so keep your eyes open for that.

Troy Paraiso: Reph, I seen you skating and doing a throw up (graffiti) in the video. I didn't know you did either, are they hobbies?
Reph Star: Haha. I've been writing and rolling around since the mid 90's, and sometimes at the same damn time. My name Reph comes from my days of writing and I been inline skating/skateboarding and snowboarding all around the hood for a second. Shout out to Route, Dast, Span, Avent and all who I used to get it with in the 90's. Nowadays I mostly be skating to the store though, I'm getting too old to be busting my ass.

Troy Paraiso: That's funny. By the way, dope 'Uptown' Snapback by Tony Peralta you got on! I see you & Patty Dukes are getting in to producing and editing videos, how's that process?
Reph Star: Got the 7D on deck and we ready to work, work, work. You know cause you be making your own videos as well. When you make your own videos the artistic voice stays consistent and that has always been important to us. Not to say we don't enjoy collaborating with others 'cause we do, but we just can't be waiting for someone to come along and do things for us when we can do it ourselves. From directing to shooting to editing, we on it and if we don't know something, we down to learn.

Troy Paraiso: Thanks for your time. Lastly, what's the next visual coming Circa '95?
Reph Star: We got a few things coming soon. I mentioned the documentary about the Circa '95 Pop-Up Shop which we should be dropping before the end of the year. We also got the next installment of the Ladies Love Project on deck for November 17th and we doing a big show at Pregones Theater in the Bronx on January 18th. Lastly we still got seven music videos to go and then we will have a video for all of the tracks on our debut Album "Free Lunch" which is a available now via www.Circa95.com.

For More on Reph Star & Patty Dukes, follow @Circa95.

NEW YORK CITY ▲: RIP BIG PUN - No Support for Bartenura Blue or Lamar Advertising

Photo by Troy Paraiso*

While in the Bronx a few weeks back attending a Circa '95 event, I walked a few blocks to 167th street & Southern Blvd. to take a photo of one of the BIG PUN murals, but I saw this instead. A billboard for some cheap wine, to which is not only covering his mural, but directly across the street from a basketball court.

The ad/billboard space is owned by Lamar Advertising of NY & NJ, and Peter Costanza, 40, is the vice president and general manager of the company. Apparently they've been selling space there since last year, and the community has voiced their frustration for the disrespect.

Anyway, I basically write this to say, Lamar Advertising has no taste, and I hope any and all of their clients which occupy this space, including Bartenura, fail in poor marketing efforts. I even disliked having to give them the attention they don't deserve, but hey this is fact, and their bitchassness will forever be noted.


ART ▲: Santiago x Vintage Vandalizm Graffiti Cadi Print


Graffiti styled Cadillac pinup portrait starring the lovely Vintage Vandalizm.

- Limited run of 50
- Comes with certificate of authenticity

Print options:
- Print rolled up in poster mailing tube
- Mounted on 16 x 20 presentation board
- 18 x 24 Matted image
- 18 x 24 matted and framed (black wood glass frame)

*Please inquire about oversize canvas prints

Website: Vintage Vandalizm Shop

KICKS ▲: New Nike + Air Jordan Releases at Livestock

Photos by Livestock

Nike Air Penny 5 "Orlando", Nike Zoom Kobe 7 System, and Air Jordan 9 Retro "Johnny Kilroy" available online at Livestock, October 6th.

For More Info: Deadstock.ca

October 2, 2012

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Fred The Godson talks Video with Pusha T, memory of Stack Bundles, Sneakers [Part 2]

Troy Paraiso curates an interview with Fred The Godson in New York City.
"In part two, Fred The Godson talks about his new Video with Pusha T, the memory of Stack Bundles and Biggie, and his love for Sneakers & Clothes."
S/o to BlokWork, T.B.M, LaVie Clothing, Chris Hostos, Mz. Henny, and Erick Steinberg!

*This video was reloaded to YouTube, and is being reposted.

SHOP FEATURE ▲: Goliath (Harlem, NY)

Photo by Troy Paraiso

SHOP ▲: Goliath
LOCATION ▲: 175 East 105th Street New York, NY 10029
DOPE ▲: Exclusive Streetwear, Boutique Setup, Goliath Brand, Customer Service
WEBSITE ▲: www.goliathny.com

Check out my recent two part interview with owner & founder Rosemary.

VIDEO ▲: UFO Fev - "We See You" Feat. Gleamz and Shmoove + Behind The Scenes Q&A

Shot by Harv Dent | Edited by Match

Start getting familiar with Fev, 'cause he got now, I don't care who got next. Fresh off his MTV2 Sucka Free Freestyle, the Mile High captain brings us his new visual We See You with the homies Gleamz and Shmoove. East Side, Harlem is up!

See below for my Behind The Scenes Q&A with Fev about the video.

Troy Paraiso: Fev, my boy! I see you're not letting up, with another new video, lets talk about "We See You". Where was the shoot location?
UFO Fev: Peace, my brethren. We were on location in Spanish Harlem on 112th street & Madison avenue to be exact. We're all from the neighborhood, so we went into Tres Unidos and shot the video, and we also shot some scenes downtown.

Troy Paraiso: Was that new R&B songstress Brook Penning I seen in the video?
UFO Fev: Yes, that was Brook. She was spending some time with me her big brother, when we ended up deciding to shoot the video. We thought it'd be dope to get her in there, so she stuck through the shoot the whole day. Definitely dope.

Troy Paraiso: You guys are playing Monopoly in the video, that's cool. Who's idea was it to shoot scenes of you guys while playing that?
UFO Fev: I had the idea to play, and Gleamz had it laying around the crib under the bed somewhere. Lol. I wanted it to signify the hook and how we still us, no matter who knows it, we're still gonna deal with being men.

Troy Paraiso: Speaking of Gleamz, at the end of his verse he got up and something dropped, and you all laughed. What was it?
UFO Fev: Haha! He dropped the iPad dock and iPad.

Troy Paraiso: You recently were on MTV2, so visuals of you are becoming frequent. What's next on the reel to drop?
UFO Fev: Yes, I'm blessed. We have a few more videos off of Take Me To Your Leader while we're currently working on visuals to my next project, Return Flight.

S/o to Fev for always getting back to me fast, follow him: @UFOFev

EVENT ▲: r.O.b live at Santos Party House (NY, NY)

"r.O.b (realist One breathin) will be performing at Santos Party House on 10/3/12 for the "MIMI4" show alongside acts from across the nation such as Slim Dollars (NY), Devin Miles (Pitt), Jarv Dee (Sea) and Raven Sorvino (LA). Event will be hosted by Cory Townes music by Sydney Love and Gianni Lee. Purchase your tickets now."
S/o to Above & Beyond Management. CircaXXV coming Winter 2012.

Purchase Tickets Here