December 31, 2012

ATTN ▲: DOPE OVERDOSE, 2012 Year One in Review


About a year ago I launched DOPE OVERDOSE, a Street Life w| Style Blog to represent myself, my peers, and our City of New York, along with other regions. This final post of the year will take you through our journey in the last year to now, the last day of 2012.

Thank you for your continued love & support; Happy New Year. Swag Swag!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Fred The Godson Interview (Part 1, 2 & 3 + Freestyle)

PHOTO ▲: Common + VH1 Celebrates Divas 2011

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: RETOX Mix Album Release Party (Beats by Dre Store, NYC)

E-BOOK ▲: #LoveTaps Featuring Troy Paraiso

MAGAZINE ▲: DUB Magazine x DJ Pauly D x Troy Paraiso

MAGAZINE ▲: Sneaker Bistro Boutique - Dime Magazine 'Sneaker Spot' Feature (photo by Troy Paraiso)

EXCLUSIVE Q&A ▲: Mike of Frank's Chop Shop (Part 1 & 2)

MAGAZINE ▲: Troy Paraiso x Sneaker Bistro Boutique x Dime Magazine Feature

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ▲: Super Bowl XLVI NY GIANT Corey Webster's Ford F-350

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS ▲: Super Bowl XLVI NY GIANT Corey Webster's Ford F-350 (Photo Shoot)

PHOTOS ▲: On Stage with DJ Pauly D (Rhode Island Convention Center)

DOPE MODEL ▲: Soraya Yd x Troy Paraiso - "Bombshell Liberty" Photoshoot

EXCLUSIVE Q&A ▲: Rosemary of Goliath (Part 1 & 2)

PHOTO ▲: Loaded Lux - Mr. "You Gon Get This Work"

INTERVIEW ▲: Compton Menace Exclusive Q&A with Dope Overdose

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December 24, 2012

INTERVIEW ▲: Compton Menace Exclusive Q&A with Dope Overdose


Compton Menace is known for his affiliation with The Game and Black Wall Street, beating up 40 Glocc, and his representation of the Bloods, but in this interview we get to know that and more. The homie came to New York on a promo run, and took some time to connect with us; woop woop!

Troy Paraiso: Welcome back to NYC, bruh. As I curate questions for this interview, I'm slappin' your new 'Menace 2 Society II' mixtape, and it knocks hard homie! In terms of songs, how do you go about beat selection, 'cause what I'm hearing is album quality on a mixtape?

Compton Menace: Basically, when I go into the studio, I usually don’t have an exact plan laid out. Lots of artists map out what they are going to do before hand, but I just go in, and let it flow naturally. I just go off of the vibe, and the feeling.

Troy Paraiso: The intro opens up with the late great Nate Dogg's "Nobody Does It Better" playing, and it felt so appropriate. Tell me about the moment that birth the idea, and what made you decide to move forward on it?

Compton Menace: The whole thing is, if you listen to my music, everything I do is original. I like to keep my stuff OG. It was just something to remind myself to keep it original, and to be a leader, and not a follower.

Troy Paraiso: I think it's dope that you fuck with the East Coast, features like Wiz, Cassidy, J-Hood, Mysonne, and Ace Hood all solidify that. What's the creativity flow like working with rappers from our region?

Compton Menace: It’s cool to just be around other creative and talented energies. So when I’m doing a song, regardless of it’s a nobody, or somebody with a big name, I just give the best of me.

Troy Paraiso: Changin' it up, lets talk about that West Coast Medicinal. What's your favorite strain right now in Cali? And when you're out in NY, what's on deck?

Compton Menace: Menace OG Kush, I got my own my strain. And when I’m out in NYC, I gotta get some of the Sour Diesel.

Troy Paraiso: Being from Fruit Town Piru, folks assume all you & the homies do is tear shit up all day, but tell me something positive that y'all do for the community, like you giving out turkeys in Jordan Downs projects?

Compton Menace: I’m always looking for ways to give back. For Thanksgiving, we gave away 150 complete Thanksgiving dinners to 150 families in Watts and Compton. For the upcoming holiday we are hosting a toy drive for the kids. Just staying active in my community. Also, I’m a big fan and collector of old school cars, so in support of my album, I’ll be giving away one of my classic Chevy Impalas to one lucky fan, just for purchasing my album.

Troy Paraiso: Giving a whip away to a fan, that's dope! I ain't with the media/journalism fuck shit brother, and I'm only asking so you can clear anything up for your fans if you need to. What's your current situation with Game and Black Wall Street, moving forward?

Compton Menace: Game and I are cool. Also, a lot of people think BWS is a record label, when it’s actually a movement. They are all cool, but I’m doing Menace right now.

Troy Paraiso: Preciate you takin' the time to holler at myself for Dope Overdose. You've been busy and buzzin' as of late, from shooting the new video with Wiz, to droppin' your new project, and hittin' the road on your promo runs. Lastly, what's on deck for your new mixtape as far as working the project, and what are your plans for 2013?

Compton Menace: We taking over in 2013! Be on the lookout for Compton Menace from here on out. I’m going to keep the mixtape series going. We got Menace 2 Society III dropping in the new year, and got lots of dope collaborations coming up with Birdman, Wiz, Trea the Truth. Lots to look forward to, so be ready!

Compton Menace - Woop

Download: Compton Menace - 'Menace 2 Society II'

Special Thanks: Shavana Meresha / Big Hassle Media

PHOTO ▲: Call Her Killah, Call Them Riots & Roses


Call her Killah, call them Riots & Roses; nothing more to motherfuckin' write 'bout.

*Side Note: I think today is baby girl's birthday; Bless up shawty.

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MUSIC ▲: Eric Sosa Feat. Summer Williams - "All For You" (prod. by Ash Nyx)

"Had to borrow a lung to show you where my heart is..."

Eric Sosa is one of the better artist painting audio visuals with his songs. Newly released, "All For You" features the lovely sounds of Summer Williams, and prod. by Ash Nyx.

*Free Download: Eric Sosa Feat. Summer Williams - "All For You" (prod. by Ash Nyx)

STREETWEAR ▲: iLTHY - Camo One Year Backpack


Released in a very limited quantity about a year ago to commemorate iLTHY's one year as a brand, is the handmade Camo One Year Backpack. Making it's return, this one just a bit different from the original, features prints on the inner back of designs produced by the brand in their first year. You may have seen me with an original running 'round town.

*Purchase: iLTHY Store

STREETWEAR ▲: Love Is Earth x Smoke DZA: The KushedGod Collection - Fragment Tee


Love Is Earth has joined with JetLife / Smokers Club recording artist Smoke DZA for a special edition capsule titled The Kushedgod Collection. One really dope piece featured in the capsule is the cut & sew, 100% cotton Fragment Tee. It is made of 100% cotton, and has a dope ass all over print pocket & sleeve!

*Purchase: Love Is Earth Store

December 13, 2012

VIDEO ▲: Riots & Roses Starring Yenifel - "No Prisoners, No Witnesses" (Shot by Kidz 'R Evil)

Shot by Kidz 'R Evil*

The founder has a few choice words below:
"Homage to classic french Noir films.
Riots & Roses, Kidz 'R Evil & Mass Panik.
Titled "No Prisoners, No Witnesses."
Short film, dark visual narrative of Noir classics.
Pure, raw and holds no punches.
Street wear culture that was lost through years of saturation.
Don't Fuck With The Riots.
Follow on Twitter: @RiotsandRoses | @KidzREvil | @Yenifel | @Riot_Red | @HHDee

PHOTOS ▲: Riots & Roses Starring Yenifel - "No Prisoners, No Witnesses" Video Stills

Photos courtesy of Riots & Roses + Kidz 'R Evil*

These pictures aren't worth a 1,000 words, they only say "No Prisoners, No Witnesses."

Start A Fucking Riot:

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STREETWEAR ▲: The Peralta Project - Gianni Alexander Skully (Black/Gold)

Photo enhanced to show colorway*

Tony Peralta is no stranger on DOPE OVERDOSE, and that's because he helped curate the beginning of the Blog, for that we're forever grateful. Above is a photo Tony sent over of the new Peralta Project Gianni Alexander Skully (Black/Gold), and it is appreciated!

I purchased the last skully at his series launch event recently, peep it here.

You can get the new version of the Black/Gold Skully here.

EVENT ▲: Manifest, Reph Star, and Myself at APT 78


I've only been to APT 78 a few times, and when I go it's usually on behalf of my friend Tony Peralta or my cousin Flaco Navaja, so this night was no different. Tony Peralta was celebrating the release of his new series 'Uptown Defenders,' as it was available, with limited pieces in the building.

After talking to Tony, and picking up a few pieces, I had a drink with my friends Reph, and Manifest. I've known Manifest since Junior High School, back when we were getting our first kisses from girls after school. And Reph, I've known for a few years, and he's very inspirational for the work he does as an artist (rapper) in the community.

Follow on Twitter: @ItsMrManifest | @RephStar

PHOTO ▲: Diddy & The Combs Family prefer BlackBerry over iPhone


You see what Puff wrote, "NO SOCIAL MEDIA DEVICES @ DINNER!!! - DAD." From the looks of it I counted 10 mobile devices, five which are easily BlackBerries. Another four that are iPhones, and one under a BB Bold that appears to be another BlackBerry. So, that would make it six BlackBerries to four iPhones, but one of those isn't just any ol' BB, it's the Porsche Design P'9981 from BlackBerry which can cost upwards of $3,500.

That is all, BlackBerry wins!

VIDEO ▲: Bueno Feat. Street Knowledge, Joe Blow, Dubb 20 - "M.O.B." Behind The Scenes

West Coast artist (rapper) Bueno releases Behind The Scenes footage from "M.O.B.," featuring none other than Street Knowledge, Joe Blow, and Dubb 20.

Bueno - Dear Summer now available on iTunes!

December 5, 2012

STREETWEAR ▲: The Peralta Project - Gianni Alexander Crop Top

Photos by Troy Paraiso / Modeled by Sonia Roman*

The Gianni Alexander loose crop top tee shirt is handprinted with gold water based ink, hand stamped inside tag, on a 100% ring spun jersey t-shirt. The price includes shipping charges to anywhere in the U.S. and International.

Purchase: The Peralta Project - Gianni Alexander Crop Top

STREETWEAR ▲: The Peralta Project - Gianni Alexander Skully

Photos by Troy Paraiso*

What do you get when you birth a design inspired by Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen, from Tony Peralta? Well, you're looking at it! I present to you the Gianni Alexander Skully.

At the moment it's currently unavailable, but you never know...

VIDEO ▲: Fev - "M.I.L.E." Episode 1

Shot + Edited by Harv Dent & Match*

Fev and The High Enterprise presents "M.I.L.E.", a behind the scenes look at the Mile High general recording, making a radio appearance, and also performing at Webster Hall, NYC. Making It Look Easy!

Also, Fev's "Return Flight" EP will be landing soon.

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EVENT ▲: Boots & Bourbon Trunk Show at The Brooklyn Circus (Brooklyn, NY)


Boots & Bourbon Trunk Show at The Brooklyn Circus NY, with Red Wing Shoe Co. featuring Fine Bourbon by Pappy Van Winkle. Limited edition giveaways, early arrival suggested.


KICKS ▲: Gourmet Footwear - Quadici (Dark Green/Papyrus)


Gourmet Footwear have released their Holiday 2012 collection, and one of the offerings are the Quadici's in dark green/papyrus, featuring full-grain dark vegtan upper, TPR rand, waxed cotton laces, and a technical outsole. Available for $120.

Purchase: Gourmet Footwear - Quadici (Dark Green/Papyrus)

KICKS ▲: Air Jordan XI Stocking Stuffer at Sneaker Bistro


Snatched this photo from Henry at Sneaker Bistro Boutique. Might be for sale, might be for promo, either way it's a pretty dope stocking stuffer.

Follow on Twitter: @SneakerBistro

*Updated: So it turns out that it's a pack, including a BRED XI Stocking Stuffer and Skully (beanie). Now that's really dope! Check out this photo here, it's available now.