January 30, 2013

DOPE MODEL ▲: Erin DeGraw & Nakita Zuger

Shot by Emmet Adriaans* (unedited photo)

Usually I'll post a DOPE MODEL, but how can I not let this pop off your screen?! See below for a Q&A with sexy model Erin DeGraw, from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

Troy Paraiso: Happy New Sexy Year, Erin! I've been meaning to reach out to you, as I've been admiring your work from afar. Can you tell me some more 'bout yourself?
Erin DeGraw: Hey Troy, thanks. 2013 has definitely gotten off to an amazing start! Im a 25 year old promotional and aspiring fitness model, from Canada. I'm currently studying to be a personal trainer.

Troy Paraiso: The photo we chose to feature, it's pretty intense, I mean your hand is around her neck, and hers around your underwear. Explain this photo, in your own words?
Erin DeGraw: For me this photo shows that a women can be strong, in charge, independent, and may even have half her head shaved, lol. But she can still be feminine and vulnerable. True strength comes from being vulnerable, and I think we did an okay job of reppin' that.

Troy Paraiso: The model in the photo, who is she?
Erin DeGraw: Her name is Nakita Zuger.

Troy Paraiso: The photographer who shot this, who is he, and what else can we enjoy from more of this shoot?
Erin DeGraw: The photographer is Emmet Adriaans, and he's one of my favorites, because he's skillful. This shoot was hot, so stay tuned for more photos from the "Hard Kartel" Queens shoot featuring me & Nakita.

Troy Paraiso: Lastly, they can hardly see it, but you have the words "Faith" tattooed on your lower back, that is so sexy, but lord knows your bad for it. Haha! Tell me what that represents for you, and why there of all place on you body?
Erin DeGraw: Haha! You got me, Troy, I got a little bad girl in me, but I am a girl of faith, and my relationship with God is most important. I got it on my back 'cause no matter what hard times I've gone through, my faith has always got me through, and I know God always has my back.

You can see more of Erin DeGraw by peppin' her Model Mayhem account.

Add on Facebook: Erin DeGraw

PHOTO ▲: What Am I Rockin'?


What am I rockin'? ...out & about in NYC for the premiere of 'Ted' the movie.

- Dope Couture 'Camo' Snapback
- iLTHY Baseball 'Love Hype' Tee
- Gap Khaki Shorts
- Black Scale Socks
- Air Jordan Retro 3 'White Cement'

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STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd LA - 'East Coast' Beanie


I've been rockin' Stampd LA for years, and now A$AP Rocky's rockin' it too. Okay. I love these fool's, and the reason is not only do they make dope shit, but they cater to both sides, their Coast, and ours.


Purchase: Stampd LA - East Coast Beanie

STREETWEAR ▲: Riots & Roses - 'Start A Fucking Riot ' Lighter (Sneak Peek)


As I mentioned in my previous post, Riots & Roses Season 2 is about to be presented to the world in days to come. Above is a shot of one of the essentials that will be available to those in the know.

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PHOTO ▲: BlackBerry Q10 + BlackBerry Z10 Phones


BlackBerry 10 is the brand new software BlackBerry has been working on for the last two years, from scratch. It will be available on the new BlackBerry Q10 and Z10, in the States soon (March, I believe).

Re-designed, Re-engineered, and Re-invented.

VIDEO ▲: Alicia Keys Named Global Creative Director of BlackBerry

Alicia Keys was named Global Creative Director of BlackBerry during the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event keynote in New York City.


VIDEO ▲: Fev - "Winehouse"

Dir. By PorterVision / Shot & Edited By Porter & Empty Television*

UFO Fev releases the first visual off of his "Return Flight" EP, available now.

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VIDEO ▲: Circa '95 Feat. Shanelle G. & Intro by Afrika Bambaataa - "Better Beware"

Video Directed by PattyDukes & Reph*

"Better Beware" is track 3 off Circa '95's debut album "Free Lunch." Performed by PattyDukes and Reph.

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MUSIC ▲: NYMI Feat. Brent Butler, GQ - "This Life"

NYMI "This Life," off his critically acclaimed new mixtape "No Decency III." The song features Brent Butler and GQ.

January 18, 2013

STREETWEAR ▲: Riots & Roses - 'First Person Shooter' Tee (Sneak Peek of StephieSoSexy)

Photo by Felix / Kidz 'r Evil*

Riots & Roses Season 2 is about to be presented to the world, and they've been working with some of NYC's most talented, including StephieSoSexy. The photo above is a sneak peek of their new lookbook, as well as one of the tee's releasing soon featuring SSS.

This is what the streets been waiting on...

STREETWEAR ▲: Riots & Roses x MILE Pins (sneak peek)


Created by the Riots & Roses general HDee, and inspired by Fev's "M.I.L.E." (Making It Look Easy) song off of his newly released Return Flight EP. These pins were created for friends and family in attendance at the listening session for Fev's new EP. I talked to HDee, and he said this:
"One night not too long ago, I was listening to Fev's "M.I.L.E." track from his Return Flight EP, and it got stuck in my head. I later called my designer, and it really came about out for love & support for Fev and his music, plus it was a great way to cross promote."
Follow @RiotsandRoses and @UFOFev for more info.

VIDEO ▲: Fev - "Winehouse" (Behind The Scenes)

Shot/Edited by Enterprise Films/PorterVision/Empty Television*

New Behind The Scenes of "Winehouse" by Fev, produced by Eastside Ray, of the Return Flight EP. In this song, Fev composes a tribute to singer Amy Winehouse, in which he explains her pain through her addiction. Look for the visuals to drop soon; shoutout to Harv Dent.

As Seen On: In Flex We Trust

MUSIC ▲: Fev - "Return Flight" EP (Download)


I've been personally waiting for the world to finally get to listen to "Return Flight" by Fev, from The High Enterprise. Featuring 8 tracks of all original music, with production from Mark Henry, Double Nickle, The BeatBox, and more. Also on the project is the beautiful songstress Brook Penning, and Bronx representative June (artist/rapper).

*This is one of the dopest EP's I've heard in it's entirety in a long time.

Download: Fev - "Return Flight" EP

EVENT ▲: AGENDA NYC - January 23 & 24, 2013 (NY, NY)


AGENDA NYC is approaching, in which I'll be seeing a lot of good people!
"The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite."
Website: Agenda Show Online

EVENT ▲: PROJECT NYC - January 21 - 23, 2013 (NY, NY)


PROJECT NYC is right around the corner, hope to see some good folks!
"PROJECT Show is the world's pre-eminent advanced contemporary fashion event. Held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas, PROJECT is where the best directional designers and most influential retail leaders do business."
Website: Project Show Online

PHOTO ▲: Troy Paraiso - ca. Summer 2007 (Interning for Gommi Arcade)


Shot about 7 years ago in the Fashion District in New York City, when I was interning for Garbege also known as Gommi Arcade.

I remember always wearing those Jordan IV inspired Dunks, loving the beautiful struggles of interning, and baggin' then some of the most now popular "Industry Pussies." William Yan (williamyan.com), Jose Perdomo (alifesupreme.com), Zak Hoke (Supra Footwear), and a bunch of other good folks were part of that team then as well.

STREETWEAR ▲: G-Shock GDF100 x Burton EOL LTD Edition (Black)

Photos courtesy of Livestock*
"In celebration of G-SHOCK’s 30th anniversary, they have teamed up with Burton on the GDF-100 digital watch. Details include features allowing the watch to measure temperature, pressure and altitude, perfect for Snowboarding. The piece comes in a black rubber build with blue accents and a Cordura nylon strap."
Purchase: G-Shock GDF100 x Burton EOL LTD Edition (Black)

January 9, 2013

MUSIC ▲: r.O.b Feat. TEZO - "Guns & Butter"

Artwork by Olabijan and SaluteJP*

"I'm so muhfuckin' hungry that my head hurt/ Never mind tryin' to get pussy, I need bread worst."

The homie r.O.b from The Bronx drops a gem titled "Guns & Butter," featuring Tezo from Cleveland. Produced by The VIP$. Click the green arrow to download it, playa!


DOPE MODEL ▲: Sierra Rene

Sierra Rene in iLTHY Bolt Boy Shorts (black)*

Reigning from Cleveland, Ohio, Sierra Rene is one bad Greek and Italian woman!

Follow her on Twitter: @SierraReneXO

STREETWEAR ▲: Gourmet x GLCO - 'The Harding' Sunglasses


"We teamed up with GLCO to customize there Harding model and make, let's say a little more Gourmet. This frame is only available online and the GLCO flagship. We customized this to reflect everything we love in sunglasses. Light weight, powerful mirror lenses for extra protection and of course a great color story

Custom light honey acetate frame, custom blue fire VFX mirror lenses, leather case and cleaning cloth."

Purchase: Gourmet x GLCO - 'The Harding' Sunglasses

STREETWEAR ▲: Stampd x KITH New York Lighter


It's the essentials that are sometimes our favorite habits, like this lighter by LA's Stampd and NY's KITH.

Purchase: Stampd x KITH New York Lighter

EVENT ▲: Fev - "Return Flight" EP Listening Session at Brewery Recordings (Brooklyn, NY)


Sponsored by the good folks at Fresh Goods Co. and Victory MFG Co. comes The High's highly anticipated project "Return Flight" EP, from UFO Fev. This will be held next week on the 16th, at Brewery Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Also, check out Fresh Good's Mix Mondays, where they posted favorites from their newly sponsored artist, UFO Fev.

For more info, follow: @UFOFev

MUSIC ▲: G.Q. Feat. A Rapper Name Dame - "Money Man"

"Money over bitches, bitches over my dick/ The Dollar Gang, Fresh Club, nigga that's the clique!"

G.Q. releases a song new for the New Year with A Rapper Name Dame; "Money Man."

Download: www.EverythingGQ.com

January 4, 2013

VIDEO ▲: JapaDeeBlack - "Express Goliath"

Shot by Troy Paraiso*

Japa Black and the super homie HDee perform "Express Goliath" at Goliath boutique in East Harlem, NY. We just having fun, doing the things we like to do, that is all.

Shoutout to Rosemary of Goliath - thank you!

Follow on Twitter: @JapaBlack | @HHDEE | @GoliathRF

PHOTO ▲: Troy Paraiso, shot by GQ's Ben Ferrari (Bronx, NY)


ca. 2012, shot by Ben Ferrari (Bronx, NY)

KICKS ▲: Air Jordan 3 "Black Flip" (Black/Metallic Silver)


I remember when these first released back in December, 2011, I wanted them bad, real bad, but the connect at the time failed me. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Moe's in Queens was suppose to have a release, but it didn't go according to plan. After lining up for hours, I decided to go to Kixclusive, in an attempt to purchase the Black Flip 3's.

Long story short, they took care of me; $200 out the door, damn near retail!

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