May 19, 2016

January 29, 2014

VIDEO ▲: Agenda Show NYC, Jan. 2014 (Alexandra Estevez, TJ Mizell, Mike Carter)

Video: Troy Paraiso

In case you didn't make it, I got you -- Agenda Show NYC, January 2014 featuring my girl Alexandra Estevez, TJ Mizell (Jam Master Jay's son), and Mike Carter (VP of Sales & Marketing for Agenda).

Thank you to those who made their cameos.

*Music courtesy of UFO Fev

PHOTOS ▲: Agenda Emerge (Bobby Hundreds, Johnny Cupcakes, Jeff Staple, Marc Ecko)

Infamous Nike SB Dunk x Jeff Staple 'Pigeon'

Was a blessing to be at Agenda Emerge really. Learned a good deal that I'm still sorting through since last Thursday. Below a few shots from the conference, minus Marc Ecko 'cause he was the only one sitting down. With a table. For his glass of cognac. Comedy.

Might load some video from the conference -- still debating...

Above: Bobby Hundreds
Above: Johnny Cupcakes
Above: Jeff Staple
Above: Felix Arguelles, Marc Ecko, Jeff Staple, Johnny Cupcakes, Bobby Hundreds

GIVEAWAY ▲: Takeaways From Agenda Emerge (The Hundreds, Johnny Cupcakes)

Giveaway x Agenda

Last Thursday along with my friend Dro from Miami, attended the AGENDA Emerge conference, featuring Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, Jeff Staple, and Johnny Cupcakes. Here are a few takeaways I got upon entering the building at NYU: Emerge notebook, Johnny Cupcake mint, pin, book, and more, as well as some pens from The Hundreds.

First person to email me at gets what you see. Subject should be about the giveaway, duh!

FYI: Don't stop emailing till I announce a winner here.

Update: Thanks for reading, Jerome!

PHOTO ▲: Riots & Roses x Dope Overdose (via Agenda NYC)

Dee x Troy via Agenda NYC

You don't see my boy Dee of Riots & Roses much, just like you don't see me much.

We silently kill, and pay bills.

VIDEO ▲: Jae Hall - "NY Inspired"

Jae Hall - NY Inspired

"Ambition I'm given/ From broken homes that we lived in/ Real niggas know what I'm kickin'..." - Jae Hall

Getting an early start for the new year, Jae Hall and his City Sliq family get right to it by releasing their high anticipated "NY Inspired" visual. Filmed and shot in New York City, he takes you on a lyrical guide through what inspires him in our city. Something tells me this is much more than a video, maybe more like a trailer to his plight.

We're so New York inspired!

PHOTO + VIDEO ▲: Porn Star Abella Anderson Rocks Air Jordan 'Gamma' 11

Abella Anderson
Photo: Dro of

I'm not even going to lie, but I'm about 3 months late on sharing this, but it's ABELLA ANDERSON in a pair of 'Gamma' 11's -- again, Abella Anderson in a pair of 'Gamma' 11's, so I got a late-pass. Abella has a thing for Jordan's and we got a thing for both, so shout out to my guy Dro from for reminding me about his shoot with her!

January 15, 2014

VIDEO ▲: Fev Feat. Maffew Ragazino - "New Amsterdam"

Fev - New Amsterdam

"I learn to live with regrets/ Forgive, never forget, fuck bitches, chase checks." - Maffew Ragazino

"Standing in the chapel with a loaded pistol/ Subscribe to a magazine that'll close the issue." - UFO Fev

Video: Rich & Famous Films

Fev says:
"Today we bring to you more than 16 bars on this "New Amsterdam" cut featuring Maffew Ragazino Sr. While "Around My Way" gets mastered I plan on consistently jacking for beats & providing 16's."

PHOTO ▲: Fev & Elemnt -- Brewery Recording Studio

Fev x Elemnt

UFO Fev is getting ready for take off on his next project titled "Around My Way" and working close is Elemnt, who's credited for working with artists such as Vado, Troy Ave, Al-Doe, and the legendary Grand Puba. Elemnt is pretty dope, he had some really good records on Al-Doe's "Nose Candy" (Honor Til Death, Larry Davis, Dimelo) that knocked on my iPod for a while.

I was invited to the studio by Fev & The High Enterprise team to get some behind the scenes footage. The location was Brewery Recording Studio and it's one of the dopest studios I've ever been to, and I've been to Stadium Red, Daddy's House, Roc The Mic, Platinum, and Quad -- Brewery honestly might be doper than them all. Respect to Andrew Krivonos (founder/recording/mixing) & his staff for having me, I hope to be back soon.

Shouts to The High, Red Inf, Tigg, Brook and Cloudkicka Piff. Video coming soon...

January 14, 2014

DOPE SHIT ▲: Stampd - Black 'New York' Mug

NY Mug

Black mug with New York print on the front, and designed and made in the USA

Purchase: Stampd - Black 'New York' Mug